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A Community of Survivors

Here we encourage one another through sharing experiences, learning, and supporting each other. We’re sharing because everyone has a unique story and a unique voice that can be used to offer hope and empower change.

Stories of HOPE

“In May of 2006, I went for my annual mammogram. I was asked to wait a little longer as the doctor wanted to speak with me. I was advised that some shadow had shown up in an x-ray and that there was a spot on my left breast. The doctor referred me to an oncologic surgeon. As soon as she spoke those words, the tears began to run. After several procedures, the surgeon called me at work and said, I had breast cancer, so I asked “Am I going to die?” He said, “I have good news”, they discovered the cancer at the earliest stage possible, Stage Zero. After more procedures, I returned to work on a Monday and on Tuesday the surgeon called to let me know it was all clear. I thought, “What a relief”! I decided to get a trainer in July and tried to get in better shape for what was ahead. By late September 2006, the battle was over, I won! After experiencing this ordeal, I have realized, the secret to remaining strong and positive, at least to me, is to look at the world, the countries, the politics and war of some of the countries, the homeless in our nation, the lack of medical care in so many countries and then, realize how lucky you are to be where you are and to just keep surviving.”

-A. Lorenzo, Sacramento, CA

A Brave Breast Cancer Survivor


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