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Perseverance in the Face
of Adversity

Sadly, too many people are still dying each year from prostate and breast cancer. Statistics show that in 2019, there were 174,650 estimated cases of prostate cancer with 31,620 deaths. There were 268,600 estimated breast cancer and 41,760 deaths. 


Our Story

Our organization was established in 1996 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit by a prostate cancer survivor who lost a mother and two sisters to breast cancer. Out of an eagerness and hunger to battle and overcome these diseases; this foundation was born. Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation is an ongoing effort to fight against prostate and breast cancer through commitment, hard work, and the efforts of research. We are here to offer our help with various programs and resources that continue to evolve to reach as many people as possible. Since the establishment of this organization the anthem has been to raise awareness, educate, empower, encourage, impact.

The program offerings have evolved over the years to maintain the broadest reach possible to support our communities. The direction and leadership remain mission driven and goal oriented. We're here to help. 

Our Mission

To provide programs and resources designed to raise awareness and empowerment. We know that early detection, prevention, and risks awareness can reduce prostate and breast cancer statistics.


Raquel Wilder, MS. Ed - Has spent the last decade as a passionate advocate dedicated to raising awareness and promoting early detection for prostate and breast cancer. With a personal connection to these diseases, it has been the mission to inspire positive change in the lives of those affected. Raquel has actively engaged with communities to emphasize the importance of awareness, the risks, and regular screenings. Her heartfelt commitment shines through in every effort, to be an impactful advocate in the fight against prostate and breast cancer.


Brigitte Williams, Program Manager - Has witnessed the impact of prostate cancer firsthand. Her father, a prostate cancer survivor, instilled in her the importance of early detection and proactive health measures. Brigitte became a vocal advocate more than 10 years ago by volunteering at community events and engaging in outreach. Her advocacy has touched many lives. She continues to share the mission to empower individuals with the knowledge that supports change.


Megan Buller, COO - Has devoted her life to championing the cause of prostate and breast cancer awareness. Her unwavering commitment stems from personal experiences and a deep desire to make a difference. Megan joined Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation in 2023.

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