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By building relationships with the community, attending health fairs, networking, and maintaining an up-to-date website, we are able to educate our communities about Prostate and Breast cancer risks, raise awareness, seek early detection sources, and encourage the implementation of lifestyle changes through the dissemination of materials, resources and workshops. Visit the Resources page for more information.

A Source of Comfort Program

This newly added, program offers hope in restoring a cheerful outlook. Turning your resolution into a lifestyle. These offerings will work to materialize well-being and empowerment. Resources include: immune support and supplies, community referral, and written and digital resources.

Array of HOPE

This program offers a one-of-a-kind customized source of support and resources to aid in your journey. These key offerings will work to educate, empower, encourage and uplift toward improved prostate or breast health and lower risks. Resources include: dietary, physical health, supplies, reading material and screening support. For more information Contact Us.

Pushing Toward a Cure - Survival Kit Program

This program offers a special care package in an effort to make an impact by providing comfort and hope from carefully selected supplies to aid in your journey toward better health whether you are recovering from treatment or on the road to improved prostate and breast health. Each survival kit includes bath items, lotions, snacks, blankets, health-related reading material, comfort items and more. For more information Contact Us.

Healthy Living during COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) a health emergency has emerged and has caused an unprecedented series of events that has impacted our world. We are here to help! This added program provides support and resources to the community which offers helpful prostate and breast health information and tips to help with improved health and lifestyle goals. We will work to answer FAQs, share resources of awareness and empowerment as well as make an immune boosting toolkit available. Visit the Resources page for more information.

Healthy Living Program

Through our healthy living program, we offer forums designed to empower, encourage and educate about prostate and breast cancer risks, the importance of a proactive approach toward your prostate or breast health, self breast exam screening support, prostate and breast cancer resources and more. We encourage a healthier YOU! Visit the Resources page for more information or Contact Us.

Hope Restoration Program

Prostate and breast cancer patients have varying needs. Wigs and scarves may be available as well as nutritional supplements. We work closely with community grocers and retailers to accommodate specific needs according to availability and eligibility. For more information Contact Us.

Self-Care Initiative Program

This program lends a hand of support in identifying particular forms of self-care methods that essentially encourages and produces a focus on efforts that lead to a proactive plan resulting in improved prostate and breast health. Referral, resources, educational materials, supplies, screening support, dietary resources, follow up care, improved physical activity, balanced lifestyle, implementation of directives are the key offerings in these efforts of lowering prostate and breast cancer risks. Visit the Resources page or for more information Contact Us.

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